Board of Directors


Bob Radcliffe


Bob Radcliffe : 2019-2020

Owner / Operator Lynch Creek Farm & Bakery

Rocky Ford, NC




Kerry Carter
Kerry Carter


Kerry Carter : 2019-2020

Charles Kerry Associates / President

Preservation Architecture and Interior Design

Rocky Ford, NC


Ken Billings

Ken Billings : 2020-2021

Retired – IT Management and Banking Consultant

Hillsborough, NC





Jim Casazza

Jim Casazza : 2020-2021

Retired – IBM Procurement

Raleigh, NC






Denis Kingberg

Denis Kingberg : 2020-2021

Retired – Enterprise IT Architect,
Mergers/Acquisitions/Divestitures – IBM Corp.


Wake Forest, NC







Peggy McGhee
Peggy McGhee

Peggy McGhee, PhD : 2019-2020

Owner / McGhee’s Farm

Colonial Hearth Days

Hearth & Garden

Franklinton, NC



Jim Nutt

Jim Nutt : 2019-2020

Home Inspection

Retired / Farming

Henderson, NC



Filomena Warihay
Filomena Warihay

Filomena Warihay, PhD : 2020-2021

CEO, Take Charge Consultants

Management Consultant

Fort Myers, FL