Colonial Hearth Days – 2016

The BEN FRANKLIN SOCIETY delivered, for the 5th year, a Franklin County School System Educational Field Trip for disadvantaged 4th Grade Elementary School Children at Dr. Peggy McGhee’s Farm in Franklinton, NC.

A “Williamsburg-for-the-Day” is setup with 13 Learning Stations which the children rotate through in groups of 6-10 every 15 minutes with focus upon: Blacksmithing, Clothing&Needlework, Underground Railroad, Declaration of Independence (see photo below), Pottery Making, Farm Animals and Wool Making, Open Hearth Cooking, Kitchen Gardening, Agriculture&Farm Crops, Beekeeping, Keeping the Harvest, Soap Making& House Chores and Woodworking.

The 2-Day Educational Event was held on Tue-Wed, October 27-28, 2016. Nearly 200 Students attended from the Royal and Long Mill Elementary Schools.

Declaration of Independence and Quill-Pen Writing Station

Declaration of Independence and Scroll Pen Writing Station


3 comments on “Colonial Hearth Days – 2016
  1. Linda Sarigol says:

    Great activity and venue, Bob and Ben Franklin Society…hope there will be more pictures forthcoming! (Maybe they’re here and I’m just not readily finding them)

  2. Paul Philips says:

    wow! this is amazing! what a great opportunity to learn about these things! kid in now a days are so lucky for having this kind of events! please let us know how was the event? keep on sharing more news like this and photos of the events 😀 looking forward to it!

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